Division of Pediatric Emergency, Critical Care, Pulmonology & Allergic Disorders

A surprising case of foreign body aspiration masquerading as ARDS!

05 Jun 2018

A 10 month old female child with multiple admissions in past, was admitted to SGRH in view of ARDS and refractory respiratory acidosis and hypercarbia; Child’s condition was refractory to conventional and high frequency ventilation and hence she had to be started on ECMO V-V ventilation. Subsequently a bronchoscopy was performed which revealed of foreign body – Areca nut (Supari!) 2 small pieces causing the whole pathology! Upon probing the history further there was a history of a family member having the habit of tobacco chewing.

The pieces were removed by rigid bronchoscopy and subsequently child’s condition improved and she was successfully weaned off ECMO and is presently on full feeds, comfortable on room air.

It is rightly said – tobacco chewing is really injurious to health!