Division of Pediatric Emergency, Critical Care, Pulmonology & Allergic Disorders

Regular Conference

Advanced Course in Pediatric Intensive Care

This course was designed in the year 1995 for pediatric intensivists to get an insight of various advancements in pediatric critical care. Thereafter this 6 day course has been a regular yearly activity of the department. It is usually held in first week of October every year. Applications with complete cv are usually invited in June-July and selected candidates are given the opportunity to participate in this high demanding course.

CME on Childhood Allergies

As we are getting more and more control over infectious diseases, allergic disorders are on rising trend. Allergies are more common in children but may start in adulthood also. These disorders have huge impact on physical, emotional and psychological aspects of a child's growth. We are regularly conducting courses and CMEs on "Childhood Allergies" in February-March every year. Hands on for skin testing and immunotherapy prescription encouraged.

Interested candidates can apply in January-February for the this highly demanded course. This course is specially designed for general practitioners, pediatricians, ENT specialists, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists and dermatologists.

Intensive Review Course in Pediatric Emergency Medicine

This course was started in the year 2014 for emergency physicians, post graduate students and practising pediatricians to enhance their knowledge and skills for early spotting and timely management of a sick child. This 5 day course is usually held in third week of December every year. Applications with complete cv are usually invited in October-November for participation in the this interactive session.

Pediatric Critical Care Nursing Course

This 1 day course cum workshop has been specifically designed for nurses, working in care of sick children (whether in ICU, emergency or wards). This course was started in the year 2015. This course covers from basic life support to spotting and care of a sick child. Nurses have an opportunity to learn and discuss with pediatric intensivist directly in the activity. This course is usually held in late February or early March each year. Course dates are usually announced in December-January.